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21st Jan 2018 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:45) @ TBC

8th Sep 2018 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

20th Jan 2019 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

7th Sep 2019 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

Recent News Items
19th September 2017
Umpire promotion

Congratulations to Janet Clarke on her promotion to grade B umpire on the Women's Panel


See link for full newspaper article

16th September 2017
International Umpire Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Alison Keogh who has been promoted to FIH Grade 1. Well done and keep moving forward!

12th September 2017

Catch up on all the latest news and developments on our twitter page irish_umpires or via the link above (Umpires Twitter)

Very interesting article on umpire expenses from 'Hockey Coach Share'!

IHUA to host joint development event with EY Club Coaches (from Irish HUA)

IHUA will be hosting its 4th joint umpires and coaches meeting in late September for all clubs competing in the EY Hockey League. Topics covered during the meetings will include: -

•IHUA Umpire Development Plans

•EYHL Umpires Briefing for the 2017/18 Season

•Open Forum Discussion about rules and their interpretations (with video clips)

•Discussion on specific match incidents or trends (with video clips)

•Agreement on methods to promote and encourage positive coach/player/umpire relationships on match days

EYHL Men’s Umpire Liaison Officer, Robert Johnston commented, “In the past few seasons, IHUA has hosted three very successful joint umpires and coaches meetings. The meetings are designed to encourage positive, cordial and informal discussion which makes them very constructive. The use of video extensively from the EY Hockey League also helps to illustrate certain points or situations. Their value and the positive feedback received from many of those who have ...

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11th September 2017
LATEST IHUA LETTER SENT TO HOCKEY IRELAND (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

Members and Clubs are able to access here, the latest letter sent to Hockey Ireland on 8th September 2017

IHUA really appreciate the massive support we have received from our members. Its really heart-warming at this difficult time.

Ulster Umpires & EYHL


Further to yesterdays update from IHUA regarding the current developments with Hockey Ireland, I have been made aware that Hockey Ireland have asked all the EYHL clubs to contact their 'nominated' umpire or panel umpires to ask them to officiate at next weeks EYHL matches.

It is therefore possible that EYHL clubs may approach you directly asking you to umpire their EYHL match. If you are, but you have an Ulster Appointment, Ulster Umpires will expect you to honour your Ulster appointment. If you don't have an appointment, clearly you have every right to umpire the match; but we would hope that you will recognise that IHUA have taken this principled stance to try and address the decline in umpiring across Ireland and this objective will only be achieved if we show unity.

IHUA have made it very clear in all their communications on this, that they do not want to adversely impact on provincial hockey - yet that's what will happen in Ulster if Ulster Umpires do not honour ...

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10th September 2017
IMPORTANT - New Umpire Guidance (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

IHUA and the Provincial Umpiring Associations have released new umpire guidance in relation the following: -

1. The Management of Captains versus Coaches/Managers

2. 3-D Skills

The documents have been attached to this news items and will also be displayed under the 'Information' Tab.

3rd September 2017
Panel Registration Numbers

At the last Ulster Umpires Executive it was agreed that we should introduce registration numbers for 'Panel' umpires to align them with the registration scheme recently introduced for 'Club' umpires. This number is just a number - it does not represent anything; it merely denotes that you are qualified to umpire any senior hockey match played in Ulster.

Although it will be helpful to identify an umpire (where their signature is not clear); it is very important that it is used, where a Panel umpire is asked to umpire a senior match that is usually covered by a club umpire. Failure to use your registration number could mean that the club could be fined by Ulster Hockey (as all such matches MUST be umpired by registered umpires).

So, from the first league or cup match in the 2017-18 season, we would like you to record your umpire registration number on match cards alongside your signature. If you have any queries, or you cannot find your number, please contact either Billy Stewart ...

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18th August 2017
IHUA Sponsorship (from Irish HUA)

IHUA is seeking new sponsorship for all of its members to help funding new clothing (priority) and vital resources needed for umpire development etc. We have an 'official' IHUA sponsorship document which not only promotes the association and its achievements but outlines the packages currently available.

If you know anyone or any company that may be interested in partnering our association, please contact us via irish.umpires@gmail.com and I will send you the sponsorship proposal document. Thank you

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