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20th Jan 2019 (from Irish HUA)

IHUA Executive Committee Meeting (10:15) @ ALSAA

3rd Feb 2019 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

7th Sep 2019 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:30) @ TBC

Recent News Items
15th January 2019
Ulster Mens Indoor Championship

I am seeking volunteers to umpire the Ulster Mens Indoor Championship on Sunday 20th January at Queens PEC. Although I have yet to receive any details, matches will probably commence around 10am and go on to around 4pm. If you are available please let me know and I will appoint you on the system. I am also looking for someone to make the actual appointments on the day, so again if you have done this before, or would like to get started, then please let me know. As I will be away skiing from Saturday, it would be great if you could get back to me by Friday 6pm at the latest if not before. Thanks. Gareth

2nd January 2019
Phishing Emails (from Irish HUA)

There are few spam emails being sent out to some members - the source of the problem is unknown but is likely to be becoming from a hacked email account somewhere.

The email is titled something like - Subject: Re: New Umpire Match Fee Information (Irish National Competitions)

There is a green box in the email saying 'DISPLAY MESSAGE'

DO NOT OPEN this and simply report it as 'phishing spam' through your internet provider and/or block the sender.

19th December 2018
Rules - Amendments to FIH Rules of Hockey (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

The FIH has announced a number of amendments to the Rules of Hockey that will come into force on 1 January 2019 for international events. See attached document.

However, please be advised that Hockey Ireland will adopt the changes domestically from the START OF THE 2019/20 SEASON.

4th December 2018

An email has been sent to all IHUA members re the supply of our new Adidas clothing.

IHUA will subsidise the cost of all clothing purchased in the INITIAL ORDER. To be included in the INITIAL ORDER you must submit or re-submit your order no later than Friday 14th December 2018. For all future orders, the clothing will resort to the standard purchase price.

The Order Form which has all the prices and a PDF with the new IHUA clothing range is attached to this email. ALL clothing will have the IHUA logo included.

*If you have not received this email, please simply advise us on - irish.umpires@gmail.com - and we will contact you shortly (IHUA members only).

1st December 2018
NEWLY UPDATED - MATCH DAY HOSPITALITY (Irish Competitions) (from Irish HUA)

Only in all Irish Cup Competitions are the HOME clubs expected to provide a post-match meal to visiting match officials who are travelling from another province.

HOWEVER - Please do your utmost during all pre-match communication to advise the HOME club that you are travelling from another province, if that is the case and ask if a post-meal was being provided. It will be very helpful to the home club and will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you are 'catered' for!

Please don't feel embarrassed about making this known or asking as the home club is unlikely to know where you are travelling from, on many occasions.

28th November 2018
Umpire Availability Statistics as at the 3rd November ...(with image - click here)

Please find attached the Umpire Availability Statistics as at the 3rd November.

At this point, it is pleasing to report that all Premier and Senior 1 clubs have provided umpires to the panel at least some of the time. Undoubtedly, there are a few clubs who will need to improve their umpire's availability to the panel, otherwise they may face being fined at the end of the season, while many are going from strength to strength providing more umpires to the panel.

Like last year, we will carry out a formal review at the end of the year and will write to all clubs highlighting the availability they have achieved at the season mid-point and emphasizing the importance of either maintaining or improving this level of availability to the end of the season.

Intermediate Clubs have been included for information only, so that these clubs understand how this rule will be applied in the future. For this season 2018-19, the Board have agreed not to apply this rule, but have given notice ...

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5th October 2018
Irish Cup Competitions - Important Information for all Umpires (from Irish HUA) ...(with image - click here)

Here are a few reminders before the Cup Competition matches this weekend: -

*The home club MUST contact BOTH UMPIRES to confirm arrangements by 8.00pm on the Monday prior to the match. Travel arrangements, time of departure and any pick-up requirements should be confirmed.

*Home clubs must provide post-match hospitality, including a post-match meal, to visiting match officials where travel is from outside of the home Branch.

(Failure to comply with the above should be reported to irish.umpires@gmail.com ASAP).

Duration of matches: Matches are of 70 minutes duration (2 x 35 min). There is no extra time.

In the event of a match ending in a draw after 70 mins a Shootout competition will take place under FIH rules (see below). The home side must provide a time keeper (See Appendix A on the attached Rules & Regulations).

Maximum of 18 players provided two fully kitted goalkeepers are included & present. If fewer than two fully kitted goalkeepers present, then ...

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